Larry Kudlow Mocks Mark Zuckerberg For His ‘Phony Baloney’ Casual Outfits: ‘Hoodies and Dungarees’


Larry Kudlow, a cable news amateur economist-turned-Donald Trump’s top economic adviser, did his best old-man-yells-at-clouds impersonation by mocking Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg for dressing unprofessionally with his “phony baloney… hoodies and dungarees.”

Kudlow went on to advise the beleaguered social media giant to “clean up his act,” as he is testifying before Congress tomorrow regarding Facebook’s voter data scandal.

“Is he gonna wear a suit and tie and a clean white shirt? That is my biggest question,” said Kudlow to reporters asking him if the White House thinks Facebook should be regulated. “Is he gonna behave like an adult as a major corporate leader, or give me this phony baloney — what is it, hoodies and dungarees? What is that?”

For readers unfamiliar with the term “dungarees,” it’s apparently old man terminology for blue jeans — a staple of Zuckerberg’s signature casual look that he is known to wear almost-literally everyday.

“I think I could help him clean up his act,” added Kudlow — who, as a former cocaine fiend that got everything wrong about the 2008 financial crisis, knows a thing or two about cleaning up an image.

Fox Business host Neil Cavuto responded to the clip by agreeing with Kudlow’s critiques of Zuckerberg’s fits, saying, “Larry Kudlow sounding like just about every guy around our age about Mark Zuckerberg.”

As for the Zuck’s issues with the spread of Facebook users’ personal information to political campaigns, he is speaking to legislators on Capitol Hill today, as well as testifying tomorrow in the beginning of a two-day discussion on the issue.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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