Laura Ingraham Suggests Viewers Wear MAGA Hats: Show What Tolerance Looks Like


On Fox’s The Ingraham Angle on Thursday night, host Laura ingraham opened the show with a monologue about racism and the MAGA hat. The host argued that not only are Donald Trump‘s policies the hats symbolize not racist, they are to the benefit and inclusion of minorities, telling viewers to keep wearing the hats and show what “true tolerance” looks like.

Ingraham began the segment by showing clips from other networks and political figures, saying that “it’s now gotten so bad in America that wearing a Trump hat is basically considered a hate crime.”

The host went through several other prominent recent stories, including comments by Tom Brokaw, the alleged attack on actor Jussie Smollett, and the debacle over the Covington Catholic school students (full clip below), saying that “the goal” of Democrats and the media is “to brand an entire belief system as immoral, evil, toxic, and of course it’s racist.”

Ingraham argued that “by any objective analysis, Donald Trump’s policies are working. And they’re not scary, and they’e not racist, and they’re not anti-woman, and they’re not anti-immigrant.”

“Not only is this conservative agenda working,” she claimed, “it’s working really well for minorities.”

She said that the resistance doesn’t care about those successes and want people to be “angry and resentful” instead. Republicans should “actively engage in minority communities” and not “be bullied out of them,” she said, and the President and his cabinet should “travel to cities like Oakland and Chicago and Baltimore, not just to safe Zones in red states” and meet with people and listen to them. She then closed with advice regarding the MAGA hats.

“As for those red hats? Well I would continue to wear them whenever and wherever you like,” said Ingraham. “And when doing so, be sure to show everyone around you what true tolerance, kindness, and inclusiveness looks like.”

Here is the full segment:

Watch the clips above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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