Lincoln Project Co-Founder Rick Wilson Ambushed Over Bush Support By Colbert’s Cartoon Anchors


Rick Wilson, the co-founder of anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project, was ambushed on Monday night by the cartoon anchors on Stephen Colbert’s parody news show Tooning Out the News.

Many of The Lincoln Project’s videos have gone viral for ruthlessly bashing President Donald Trump, earning both the respect and money of Democrats committed to voting Trump out in November. Wilson’s interview started off well, with the anchors praising him for his efforts in sabotaging Trump, until Inside the Hill cartoon host Sarah Sabo faulted him for calling the president “a whining b*tch addicted to Twitter.”

“Yes, he is a b*tch. That is the biggest insult, comparing someone to a woman,” Sabo responded. “I hate us.”

The hosts later pointed out that seven of The Lincoln Project’s members were affiliated with President George W. Bush, mocking the Bush-Cheney administration for always doing “what was right for the country, that country being Saudi Arabia.”

Wilson was visibly uncomfortable after the Bush quips, and assured the anchors that Trump is by far the worst president in the history of the U.S.

“We agree with you, Rick, Trump’s failures are much much worse than George W. Bush’s,” Sabo said before showing a graphic on the screen that compared the two presidents. “I mean Trump is responsible for bad deficit increases, bad corruption, bad racism, and bad countless deaths. But George W. Bush on the other hand is responsible for good deficit increases, good corruption, good racism, and good countless deaths.”

The anchors then showed a series of clips of typically liberal MSNBC hosts, guests, and correspondents lauding The Lincoln Project and their dedication to roasting Trump.

“Rick, how rewarding is it to win over the people you’ve demonized your entire career?” cartoon host Richard Ballard asked before Sabo pointed out Wilson’s past tweets that disparaged liberals, Muslims, and the LGBTQ+ community.

“Rick, when was the exact moment you realized those pathetic little wh*res could be tapped for money?” Sabo asked, directly quoting one of Wilson’s 2010 tweets that also called “nutroot lefties” “Barack Obama’s b*tch.”

Wilson asked the anchors not to zero in on his old quotes — noting that people move on from the past, and reiterating his dedication to bringing down the current Republican president.

Watch above, via Youtube.

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