Mark Meadows Furiously Accused Michael Cohen of Criminal Lying at Hearing. Meadows Was Lying.


In an uncomfortable plot twist, GOP Congressman Mark Meadows tried to accuse former Trump fixer Michael Cohen of lying on a disclosure form, but turned out to be lying himself.

During Wednesday morning’s House Oversight Committee hearing at which Cohen was testifying, the North Carolina Republican went into high dudgeon over Cohen’s failure to list certain contracts on a truth in testimony disclosure form.

“Mr. Cohen, I’m going to come back to the question that I asked for for with regards to your false statement you submitted to Congress,” Meadows said, waving a copy of the form. “On here, it was very clear that it asks for contracts with foreign entities over the last two years. Have you had any foreign contract with foreign entities, whether it’s Novartis, weather Korean airline, or Kazakhstan BTA Bank, your testimony earlier said that you had contracts with them. In fact, you went into detail about them.”

“Sir, I believe it talks about lobbying,” Cohen said. “No, I did no lobbying, and on top of that they are not government…”

“I’m not asking about lobbying, Mr. Cohen,” Meadows interrupted.

“They are not government agencies, they are privately owned, publicly traded companies,” Cohen continued.

“Did you have foreign contracts over the last 2 years?” Meadows asked.

“Foreign contracts?” Cohen asked.

“Contracts with foreign entities. Did you have contracts?” Meadows asked.

“Yes,” Cohen answered.

“Why didn’t you put them on the form, it says it’s a criminal offense to not put them on this form, for the last two years, why did you not do that?” Meadows bellowed.

“Because those foreign companies that you’re referring to are not government companies,” Cohen replied.

“It says non-governmental, Mr. Cohen, you signed it,” Meadows said, brandishing the form.

“They’re talking about me as being non-governmental,” Cohen said.

“It says foreign agency, it says foreign contracts, do you want us to read it to you?” Meadows said.

“I read it and it was reviewed by my counsel, and I am a non-government employee who is not lobbying, and they are not foreign countries,” Cohen repeated.

“This has nothing to do with lobbying, it says it’s a criminal offense to not list all your foreign contracts. That’s what it says,” Meadows insisted.

“Well then I’m going to take a look at it before I leave and hopefully I will amend it prior to leaving, because that’s not the way I read your document,” Cohen said.

“You know, it’s just one more example of, Mr. Cohen, of you skirting the truth,” Meadows said.

Yeah, about that. The form that Meadows was holding in his hand clearly says what Cohen says it says, which Meadows must have known since he offered to read it to him. From the Truth in Testimony Disclosure Form:

If you are a non-governmental witness, please list any federal grants or contracts (including subgrants or subcontracts) related to the hearing’s subject matter that you or the organization(s) you represent at this hearing received in the current calendar year and previous two calendar years. Include the source and amount of each grant or contract.

So at a hearing that featured testimony from a man who is going to prison for lying, Mark Meadows managed to get caught lying while trying to catch Cohen in a lie.

Watch the clip above, via C-SPAN.

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