Meghan McCain: Corey Lewandowski’s Senate Run ‘Is Going to Be an Absolutely Ridiculous Crap Show’

Just like nearly every other television program that dares discuss the political intrigue of the day, The View addressed the stunning Congressional testimony by a remarkably combative Corey Lewandowski Tuesday afternoon.

And if there is any positive to come from Lewandowski’s stonewalling, it’s that the animus he engendered within all of The View co-hosts appears to be uniting at least one small divided group of people. Baby steps.

While everyone took shots at Lewandowski, it was conservative firebrand Meghan McCain who was toughest on the former Trump campaign manager, or maybe her comments stand out because conservative criticism of anyone defending Trump and his allies seems increasingly as scarce as the once vocal NeverTrump movement.

McCain opened by reminding View-ers that Corey Lewandowski “assaulted a female reporter,” explaining a complaint made by Michelle Fields during the 2016 general election and that he also once “mocked a migrant child with Down Syndrome” during a cable news hit.

But it was her trenchant analysis of what appears to be Lewandowski’s potential run for Senate out of New Hampshire. McCain said of Lewandowski’s congressional hopes: “get your popcorn and whiskey. It’s going to be an absolutely ridiculous crap show.”

In other words, it will be a perfect fit for the current state of cable news!

Watch above via ABC.

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