Meghan McCain Savages Bernie Sanders Fans in Interview with Buttigieg: ‘There Were No Pete Bros Attacking Me’


The View co-host Meghan McCain ripped into fervent online supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) internet, also known as “Bernie Bros,” during an interview with former South Bend Mayor and 2020 Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg.

During one of the ABC chat show’s segment on Thursday, McCain stated that Buttigieg’s followers didn’t “viciously and misogynistically attack” her when she was critical of the mayor’s candidacy like Bernie supporters did under similar circumstances.

“Hello, Mayor Pete. It’s Meghan. You’re being very gracious about Senator Sanders, and I understand that, but his supporters are notoriously difficult and notoriously fickle. We were talking about earlier on in the show how 12% of his supporters last time ended up voting for President Trump,” the co-host stated.

McCain then dove into asking the former mayor if he believes Sanders supporters will back former Vice President and now presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden — while also tossing in a jab at Sanders supporters.

“President Trump yesterday was tweeting that the DNC has fixed this and rigged it so Bernie would lose, and he invited Bernie supporters to support him instead. His supporters are, and I think we talked about this at length when you were on the show. There were no ‘Pete Bros’ attacking me any time I was critical of you, but any time any women goes on TV and says anything about Bernie Sanders, we are viciously and misogynistically attacked as a result. There’s a question of history repeating itself with the ‘Bernie Bro’ supporters. You seem to have faith because you spoke with Senator Sanders, that his supporters will come on board to Joe Biden, but how do you think you can stop history from repeating itself in this lane?”

Buttigieg responded by calling out the internet supporters of Sanders.

“First of all, I think we have to define real progressivism not by how negative you can be on Twitter or how angry you are, but by what it is we’re actually for, and what all of us are for. I think certainly the Democratic Party, and actually I don’t think you have to be a Democrat to be for these, are things like empowering workers, raising wages, holding companies accountable, making sure everybody can get health care, and for God sake, doing something about climate change before it really is too late,” Buttigieg said.

So I think the fundamental question that supporters need to ask themselves is, what’s really at stake here? What is the most important thing that I didn’t get my candidate, look. I know exactly how it feels, not getting your candidate make it through a primary process,” Buttigieg stated.

“Shame on us if we let 2016 repeat itself. A lot of folks in 2016 took their ball and went home, not believing a Trump presidency could actually happen,” Buttigieg continued. “Not only did it happen, it’s worse than we thought, and we’re seeing now in the midst of a national crisis, just how costly that is.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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