Megyn Kelly Grills Stormy Daniels Lawyer Over Hush Payment: ‘She Wanted the Dough!’


Megyn Kelly confronted Stormy Daniels‘ lawyer Michael Avenatti this morning about the hush agreement between her and Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

“She abided by it for 16 months without objection and cashed the $130,000 check,” Kelly said. “So when did it suddenly become invalid?”

Avenatti argued that Daniels believed Trump had signed it, but he didn’t and only Cohen had. Kelly jumped in to say that the agreement is between Daniels and “either Donald Trump or Michael Cohen.”

She argued there’s clearly a valid agreement between Avenatti and Cohen. Avenatti argued Cohen “could not bind Mr. Trump to his obligations,” but Kelly said, “He could bind himself… She signed it and cashed the check!”

Kelly repeatedly pressed Avenatti on whether Daniels lived up to her obligations, like whether she handed over everything she had. She also asked why Daniels hasn’t returned the money.

Avenatti said they’ve made the offer. Kelly said, “Just do it!”

“What’s not fair,” Avenatti argued, “is for her to be constantly called a liar, basically, by Mr. Cohen and others, put under their thumb, intimidated, and not being able to provide an opportunity to tell her story and…”

Kelly, with some amusement, jumped in to say, “Not have an opportunity to tell her story? 22 million people watched the 60 Minutes interview with Anderson!”

Avenatti brought up Kelly’s recent interview with Cohen’s lawyer as an “absolute disaster for the President.”

Kelly did reiterate her skepticism of Trump’s supposed lack of knowledge about the payment, but she did ask why Daniels cares about a potential campaign finance violation.

Avenatti responded, “This is a principled woman at this point. She wants the truth.”

Kelly’s audience couldn’t help but laugh at that one, and Kelly agreed:

“She’s so principled that 11 days before the election, she had information about the possible next President having an extra-marital affair with an adult film actress and she shut up about it in exchange for just over 100 grand… She wanted the dough! And now she wants to keep the dough while violating the agreement, which––whether you like Michael Cohen or Donald Trump or not––doesn’t seem fair to them.”

She concluded that if they really want to return the money, they could very easily do it.

Watch above, via NBC.

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