Mike Huckabee’s Son Acted (Poorly) in Raunchy Film Project


Remember how presidential candidate and former Fox News host Mike Huckabee waged a one-man war on Beyoncé and crude pop culture earlier this year? Enter The Daily Caller’s Alex Pappas, with this hilarious piece of reporting:

John Mark Huckabee — son of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee — posted, then removed, a clip on his YouTube page of his acting in a raunchy, never-released, low-budget film.

[…] A 55-second clip of the scene was posted online in 2013 by ProConEntertainment, the production company operated by Gov. Huckabee’s 38-year-old son. The same YouTube channel hosts the video “Experience Israel with Governor Mike Huckabee.”

John Mark Huckabee‘s bewigged character (presumably some kind of Hollywood agent) sits behind a desk, holding a lit cigarette, talking to a female character (a hot young actress trying to make it). “Do you not think there’s not an A-list actor out there that’s never had to show some tit or suck a little dick to get a part?” he asks her. “You know what I mean, sweet cheeks?”

Sounds like some high-qualitay stuff right there. A cutting look at the casting couch, indeed.

As soon as Pappas approached the video’s director — Christopher Alvarez of Loophole Media — for comment, it was yanked off YouTube. But Alvarez did explain that it’s a scene from Charlie Muse, an unfinished art-film project apparently:

“What made it so experimental was that we weren’t going to show Charlie Muse,” Alvarez said of the film. “Charlie Muse was the audience. So we were going to put the audience through Charlie Muse’s eyes. And basically, what they wanted to do is show the not-so-positive side of agents in Hollywood.”

We can only assume Mike Huckabee is being a good parent and taking away John Mark’s toys for saying such vulgar words on the teevee screen. Sadly, the former governor’s camp did not provide comment to TheDC, but you can provide comment — in our comments section — after watching the clip below, which was saved by Pappas before its deletion:

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