Morning Joe Laments GOP ‘Personality Cult’: ‘Ronald Reagan Couldn’t Win a Primary in the Republican Party These Days’


Joe Scarborough and Charlie Sykes went off on the current status of the Republican party, which they effectively dismissed as a cult of personality focused more on the tribal support of former President Donald Trump and less on any traditional conservative values that have long defined the GOP’s platform.

At issue is a recently emerged video of Trump at Mar-a-Lago in which he addressed fellow club attendees on what appears to be a patio, in which he continued to amplify the baseless claims that he only lost the general election to President Joe Biden due to widespread voter fraud.

Combined with video of Senator Mitt Romney getting booed at a Utah Republican conference, and Rep. Liz Cheney’s fleeting hold on a leadership role in the House GOP caucus adds up to a continued belief by many in the GOP that Trump’s grip on the party hasn’t abated among a significant portion of the party.

Scarborough and Skyes have long identified as conservatives, but both have been vocal critics of the current iteration of the Republican party, which in Sykes’ esteem, is so far gone from the past that even “Ronald Reagan couldn’t win a primary in the Republican party these days.”

At the end of the segment featured above, Scarborough mocked the curious nature of the former president appearing at a microphone to deliver the very same material many of us heard for months, as though he were a stand-up comedian at the end of his career still making a go of it at the West Palm Chucklehut.

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