Morning Joe Ridicules Trump Blaming Testing for Rising Coronavirus Case Numbers: Testing ‘Does Not Kill People’


Morning Joe mocked President Donald Trump for attributing increased testing to the continued rise of coronavirus cases throughout America.

During an event at the White House on Monday, Trump seemed to blame the amount of coronavirus cases in the U.S. on the fact that the country has identified more and more people who’ve been afflicted by the pandemic.

“Our testing is so far advanced, it’s so much bigger and better than any other country that we’re always going to have more cases,” Trump said. “That’s probably the downside of having good testing is you find a lot of cases that other countries that don’t test don’t have. If we stopped testing right now, we’d have very few cases if any.”

As Morning Joe reacted on Tuesday, Joe Scarborough laughed while Mika Brzezinski tried to dissect Trump’s statement.

“What does he mean?” she asked. “‘Cases’ like, officially? Because people still have it.”

“And they’re dying of it,” Scarborough said as Brzezinski continued to scoff “That’s incredible.”

“117,000 people who have died of coronavirus, and Donald Trump keeps saying that if we don’t test for the Coronavirus then it will magically go away. We won’t have any more cases,” Scarborough went on. “Actually, testing for the coronavirus does not kill people.”

Willie Geist was also asked for his opinion, but he took Trump’s frustrations literally by pointing out that the president has made similar comments before.

“When you say it twice, I think it means you believe it,” Geist said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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