MSNBC Panel Destroys Castro’s ‘Cheap Shot’ at Biden: He’d Lose ‘A Lot of Support, If He Had a Lot of Support to Lose’


On MSNBC tonight, following the Democratic debate, Julián Castro got a fair dose of criticism, particularly considering his “are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?” jab at Joe Biden on health care.

After showing that clip, Brian Williams said, “It appears that in fact Biden did not say that Americans would have to buy in to his health care policy.”

Later on in the segment, Chris Matthews joined Williams and Nicolle Wallace, criticizing Castro more directly:

“I’m glad you scored it against Castro on the issue of attempting to blame the guy for having Alzheimer’s. I think that was a cheap shot. The fact is he got his facts wrong. In terms of competency, he was the one that risked his position tonight, not Biden.”

Former senator Claire McCaskill said, “I think Castro’s hurt. I think he was trying to swing for the fences… I’m not sure anything tonight moved the needle except I think Castro offended people the way he did that. And it won’t surprise me if it helps Biden.”

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson added, “I totally agree with what Claire said.” For long stretches the debate seemed like Biden versus the fringes, and they were trying to get some sort of purchase. I think you understate the damage that Castro did to himself tonight. He would have lost a lot of support if he had a lot of support to lose. He didn’t. He had a little support. I think it’s basically over. He took a shot. It was not a good shot. And it just really went over like a lead balloon. That was a bad, bad moment for him.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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