MSNBC Panel Goes Off Over Hannity Flap: ‘Fox Isn’t State-Run Media, The State is Run by Fox’


Since the news became public Monday afternoon, MSNBC and CNN have devoted quite a bit of airtime to the revelation that Sean Hannity was the mysterious third client of Michael Cohen — President Donald Trump‘s lawyer.

Wednesday on Deadline: White House, host Nicolle Wallace and panel focused on Hannity’s cozy relationship with the president, and debated what his presence means for Fox News.

“It’s basically like Donald Trump gets an hour of Fox News every night,” the Washington Post‘s Philip Bump said of Hannity’s show. “Is that what we want to see from a president?”

“Sean Hannity is someone who is all the things President Trump likes,” Boston Globe reporter Kimberly Atkins added, “He’s on television. He gets good ratings. We know the president cares about that. And Fox News has become, essentially, half a step beyond state-run TV.”

Nicolle Wallace argued the opposite.

“Fox isn’t state-run media,” Wallace said. “The state is run by Fox.”

Donny Deutsch argued that the impact of the Hannity news was minimal given his perception of Fox News.

“Did you ever think it was anything different?” Deutsch said.

“No,” Wallace said. “But I think it’s dangerous.”

Deutsch replied, “It’s very dangerous.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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