MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Trashes Roger Stone Claims as ‘Sean Hannity Conspiracy’ After Interview


MSNBC’s Chuck Todd interviewed Roger Stone on Tuesday — the infamous political “ratfucker” who former Trump aide Sam Nunberg cited as the inspiration for his live broadcast meltdown this week — about the Russia investigation he has been a notable target of.

Stone, never one to shy away from wild conspiracies, doled a number of disputable claims in his interview, and while Todd didn’t do much to fact-check him in real time, the MSNBC panel that followed his appearance was brutal in their assessments.

“Donald Trump may be oblivious to truth and reality and Roger Stone is just truly indifferent to it,” New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg said. “So I was idly taking notes on some of the things that he said were blatantly and provably not true.”

She went on to cite a number of his “slippery falsehoods and conspiracy theories,” including his claim that the leaking of DNC emails was an “inside job.”

“This is a Sean Hannity conspiracy that they push,” Chuck Todd remarked, taking a swipe at the Fox News host.

Goldberg went on to note that Stone is “a regular on Alex Jones,” and “borrows very liberally from the darkest, murkiest conspiracy theories and presents it all with a straight face and an illusion of sincerity.”

New York Post columnist John Podhoretz added that Stone’s interview was a “masterful job of delving into detail so deep in the weeds” so as to lose viewers “in the thicket.”

Watch Stone allege the hacking of the DNC was an “inside job” below, and the panel’s analysis of his interview above.

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