MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance Suggests Trump is a Russian Agent


Former U.S. Navy intelligence officer-turned-cable news pundit Malcolm Nance appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Tuesday, to insinuate that President Donald Trump is a Russian asset who the Soviet Union began surveilling decades ago — allegations which were encouraged on the show by Morning Joe‘s Willie Geist.

“The first notice I gave was on July 26th from Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, where I came on air and I saw what was unfolding before the whole nation, and I said the United States is under attack in a wide-ranging information warfare attack, a political attack designed to make Donald Trump president,” Nance proclaimed. “It would take about a year before anyone would really understand that.”

Nance explained, “I’m not a journalist, I’m a former intelligence operator. We see things differently. We can predict activities that must be in place for an event to occur. So if you hack the DNC and you use Russian military intelligence, you’re trying to replicate Watergate, and at that time the nominee was Donald Trump. He was very close to Russia, therefore, he was being supported by Russia and expected to benefit from Russia’s efforts.”

Blaming the hacking of the Democratic National Committee on Russia, Nance declared, “Russia was trying to do Watergate, and we had already seen dozens of attempts by Russian military intelligence to hack the White House, the Pentagon, and others. That immediately set off a chain of activities in my brain based on Russian intelligence activities I had seen in the Cold War, and it was very clear it was an attack on the nation.”

Nance then claimed President Trump had been surveilled by the Soviet Union “as early as 1977,” citing his first wife Ivana’s birth nation of Czechoslovakia, which was part of the Eastern Bloc, and claiming that the country’s intelligence agency had gained access to Trump’s communications.

“And then in the mid-’80s, Donald was starting to express an interest in building Trump Tower Moscow, but more importantly… he was trying to consider running for president against George Herbert Walker Bush, who was, of course, the former Director of the CIA and the Vice President of the United States. So Russia became very interested in him,” Nance professed.

“They had ten years of collection and then they brought him to Moscow for what he wanted, which is Trump Tower, but from that moment on an enormous dossier of information was collected on him, and more importantly, how to exploit him and his simple exploit, as we call it in the intelligence community, he is avaricious to a fault. He wants money, they now, in the modern Russia, with a former KGB director as president, they have money, they know how to exploit people, they know how to manipulate people, and they know how to buy people.”

Morning Joe‘s Willie Geist responded, “Putin and Russia never could have dreamed in the 1980s when they were looking at him as just an asset, maybe a useful asset, that he would elevate to become the President of the United States, the best possible asset they could have. So at what point did they say, ‘Okay this guy is a serious candidate, we need to start using him and to use information that we have to bring him in close and make sure he wins the election’?”

Labeling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “supervillain,” Nance responded, “When Putin was a baby spy … in East Germany, his job was to manipulate people. It was to turn people into traitors.”

“So Donald Trump in 2014, by 2014 he was making enormous quantities of money from the Russian oligarchy, but that is when he came to Russia and it became very clear to the Russians this man could go from a useful idiot — which he was, you know, he wasn’t a communist, he just wanted to build a tower in 1988 — but move from a useful idiot onto an unwitting asset, where he’s being used and he doesn’t know it,” Nance said. “And then by 2014, it’s pretty clear that he knows it when they back Trump Tower Moscow 2.0, and then they put a set of rose-colored glasses on his face. Donald Trump sees the world only through Moscow’s point of view because he knows that is where an enormous quantity of money that he cannot access exists and will be made available to him.

“Is he, next step, a Russian asset, where he is aware of those activities? Robert Mueller said yes. That he was well aware that he was going to benefit from Russia.”

This post has been updated to reflect that Nance said Trump was under surveillance decades ago, not compromised.

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