Neil Cavuto Rips Chuck Schumer for ‘Lecturing’ GOP on Health Care Plan: ‘That’s Pretty Stupid’


At the top of his program this afternoon, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto took aim at Democrats on Capitol Hill for their reaction to Senate Republicans’ health care bill and the secretive process they’ve undertaken in crafting it. The way Cavuto sees it, Democrats in Congress have no business complaining.

Specifically, Cavuto took issue with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Democrats for calling the bill “mean” and “heartless.” The Fox News anchor used that to air grievances about Obamacare and the promises made during that bill’s passage.

“What is mean is limiting options for care when you promised they would have plenty of options for care,” Cavuto declared. “What is mean is saying you can keep your doctor when you can’t keep your doctor. What is mean is forcing young people to pay up for coverage when maybe they can’t afford that coverage.”

While admitting that it is “deplorable to do things in secret,” Cavuto noted that Schumer wasn’t in any position to call Republicans out for that.

“Remember the closed doors? They’re not pretty,” he said. “But Chuck Schumer lecturing anybody on keeping them open? That’s pretty stupid.”

After ripping Democrats for their hyperbole over the GOP plans that have been presented while also stating that those plans are “not perfect,” Cavuto ended by stating that it’s “a bit rich” for one party to say the other party is all bad.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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