New Footage Shows Florida Gunman Shooting Target Practice in Backyard

CNN aired footage Thursday evening of Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz conducting target practice in his backyard, shirtless while wearing a red hat.

After discussing the recently released information that Cruz went to McDonald’s and Subway after allegedly killing 17 people and injuring many more, anchor Jim Sciutto aired the footage, which was allegedly captured late last year.

“This is the shooter, just a few months before the attack, doing target practice in his backyard,’ he said. “This was filmed by a neighbor, that appears from the sound of it to be a BB gun, but his neighbor filmed him shooting that weapon there out in public in broad daylight October of last year.”

Sciutto went on to say that he spoke to a neighbor who told him that police were called to Cruz’s house “a number of times for strange or violent behavior,” suggesting that there were plenty of “warning signs” that he was troubled.

“That’s a lot of warning signs pointing in the direction of someone who looked like they needed help,” he said.

USA Today reported on the target practice footage earlier today, in a story that alleged that Cruz was also abusive to a 17-year-old girl.

Watch above, via CNN.

[image via screenshot]

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