Nicolle Wallace Presses Deval Patrick on His Work with Bain Capital: ‘You’re Not Running in a Republican Primary’


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace pressed newly-announced presidential candidate Deval Patrick on his ties to Boston private investment firm Bain Capital, noting the Democratic Party has moved left.

The former Massachusetts governor appeared on Deadline: White House Thursday, where Wallace said If I were your campaign operative, I’d be working with you round the clock on how to deal with the Bain vulnerability. You’re not running in a Republican primary, you are running in a democratic primary. Your party has moved to the left.”

“First of all I love that the party has moved to the left. I love that we are the party of the woke,” Patrick responded. “I have always conducted my personal life and my business life and my life as a civil rights lawyer, my life as an advocate, my life as a mediator and as a governor that way and why. It’s not because I am trying to smooth over issues. I am interested in getting at root causes.”

“I work at the place that was demonized in the 2012 presidential election,” he said, noting that GOP Sen. Mitt Romney’s work with Bain was scrutinized during Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. “There is a place for private equity in equity in the private economy. There is a place for business in our lives. But there is — it is also true that capitalism, generally, has a lot to answer for. That is so. And we need to be able to confront that and that’s exactly the work I’ve been doing at Bain Capital.”

Patrick joined Bain Capital in 2015, and reportedly resigned this morning in anticipation of formally announcing his presidential run.

Watch above, via MSNBC

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