Bain Capital

Marlboro Mitt: Latest Attack On Romney Links Him To Plan Pushing Cigarettes On Kids

Bill Clinton Asks Moderate Mitt ‘Where Ya Been, Boy?’

In 1985 Video, Romney Details Bain’s Mission: Invest In Companies, ‘Harvest’ For ‘Significant Profit’

The Young Turks‘ Cenk Uygur Calls The Election For President Obama

MoveOn Asks Justice Dept. To Investigate Romney’s ‘Retroactive’ Retirement From Bain

Obama Camp Blasts Mitt Romney Over Viral Hidden Video Talk About China Work Conditions

Mitt Romney Details His Solutions To America’s Challenges In ‘What I Learned At Bain Capital’

Obama Advisor Doubles Down On Cancer Ad: ‘I Didn’t Know The Facts Of How [Soptic’s] Wife Got Sick’

Fox & Friends Reveals Site Of Obamas’ First Kiss Is Business Saved By Bain Capital

Exclusive: Wolf Blitzer On Israel, Harry Reid, Dirty Campaigns, And Cable News

Stephanie Cutter Fact-Checks CNN On SuperPAC Ad Blaming Mitt Romney For Death Of Steelworker’s Wife

CNN Fact Checks Priorities USA Ad Blaming Mitt Romney For Woman’s Death

Brutal New Ad Blames Mitt Romney For Death Of Steelworker’s Wife

Mitt Romney Didn’t Want To Profit From R-Rated Movies (But He Did Anyway)

Ed Rendell Slams Pro-Obama SuperPAC Over Anti-Romney Olympic Ad

Dark Knight Rises Director Christopher Nolan And Morgan Freeman Comment On Limbaugh: ‘Ridiculous’

Limbaugh Revisits His Batman/’Bane’ Comment: I Never Said There’s A Conspiracy

Maddow Rips Limbaugh For Claiming That Batman Villain Name ‘Bane’ Not Accidental

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Do You Think That It Is Accidental’ That The New Batman Villain Is Named ‘Bane’?

Political Analysts Are Now Seriously Linking Romney’s Bain To The Dark Knight Rises Villain

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