NYT’s Maggie Haberman: Trump ‘Loves’ Watching the News Change After He Tweets


On Wednesday night, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman sat down with Seth Meyers to discuss how President Trump views the job as Commander in Chief as well as the media coverage of him.

Meyers expressed how convinced he was that Trump thought being president was “going to be easy” and asked Haberman where she thought that came from. She responded by saying she didn’t think he thought much about what the job “would entail.”

“I remember having a conversation with someone close to him during — I think it was June of 2016,” Haberman said, “and I said, ‘Does he want to win? Just win? Or does he actually want to be president? And the person stopped and said, ‘That’s a really good question.”

She told the Late Night host that she believed that his “view of executive power” was formed in the ’80s when New York City government was “corrupt” and that laws and regulations were simply meant to “get around” as Trump did as a real estate developer.

“That’s I think what he thought it was going to be like,” Haberman continued. “It was basically going to be like ‘mayor of the country.’ That’s not what it is.”

Meyers then asked Haberman what would bother Trump more; a continuation of “fake news” or “if no one ever wrote another word about him.”

He followed, “Do you think he has a fear that a day will go by when he’s not-”

“Yes,” Haberman answered. “Even as president, I think he has that fear. I had an ex-aide say to me at one point that he can’t go more than a few days without seeing his name in the news.”

She said that Trump “loves” to sit in the dining room and he’ll be watching television and he’ll “see the news change” once when he starts tweeting, noting he loves that “cause and effect.”

“He can’t exist without the media,” Haberman added.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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