‘Oh My Goodness!’: Fox News Panel Goes Haywire After Brit Hume Calls Biden ‘Senile’


Fox News’ Outnumbered took a dramatic turn on Wednesday when Brit Hume argued that former Vice President Joe Biden is “senile.”

Throughout the 2020 election, Hume has repeatedly insisted that Biden’s tendency for gaffes is proof that the ex-veep’s cognitive acuity is collapsing. As Wednesday’s #OneLuckyGuy on Outnumbered, Hume said Senator Kamala Harris’ 2020 DNC convention speech might be more significant than usual because she could become president if Biden is ever deemed mentally incompetent.

She has the task of boosting Biden, but also, it kind of convinces these young Democrats that this is the ticket you can get behind. That yeah, Joe Biden is an old man, but she will be there as a force, and of course, people believe because Biden is obviously, to some extent at least, senile and may not be equipped to go the distance that she might become president sooner rather than later.

When Harris Faulkner asked Hume if this is a “legitimate issue” to consider in the election, Hume defended himself and said “obviously” the president’s mental faculties are an issue. He continued to knock on Biden’s gaffes, said Biden is sometimes “non compos mentis,” and then eventually made a strange turn towards Trump — and even assessed his own mental state.

It happens. Look, I am the same age as he is, I have [hard] times recalling names and places and so on. Trump, he may have mental problems, but he does not seem to be senile.

That remark drew an “oh my goodness!” from Faulkner, who quickly disclaimed that “we are not doctors.” Marie Harf jumped in to challenge Hume’s “offensive” accusations about Biden’s mental state, and then pointed out Trump has his own flubs.

“Every time a Democrat talks about Donald Trump…Republicans jump all over us and they say ‘Wait a second, you’re not a doctor, you’re not a therapist,” Harf said. “So I think we need to be very careful in this election cycle not to throw around words like ‘senile’ about people that we are watching on a television screen.”

Hume defended himself once again:

The word senile is not a medical diagnosis. It refers to people who are at a stage in life, exhibit signs of old age in terms of their memory and mental acuity. It’s not something you need to be a doctor to notice. Joe Biden has it. To some extent I have it. People our age do, and the question that arises is whether a man of his age who is starting in a way that people inevitably do late in life — to lose it a bit — should be president of the United States. This does not require a team of psychologists and psychiatrists to come in and make a medical diagnosis. There is a reasonable layman’s conclusion from the evidence that is very clear before us.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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