Fox News’ Brit Hume: A Problem for Biden Is Growing Concern ‘That Senility Is Overtaking Him’

Joe Biden has recently come under scrutiny for a false war story that jumbled details, as well as several other gaffes he’s made on the campaign trail.

Fox News’ Brit Hume spoke with Tucker Carlson tonight and said Biden’s made gaffes many times in the past, but things are getting worse now:

“The stuff you see with him more recently, for example, not remembering that when he met with the students at Parkland High School that he wasn’t still in office. He had been out of office more than a year when that happened. The fact that he misremembered that, that’s not a gaffe. That’s the kind of memory problems that people his age and indeed my age have all the time. I think the thing that may catch up with Biden over time, even among Democrats who would otherwise be for him, is the feeling that senility is overtaking him, and I think it is.”

“No one wants to say that,” Carlson reacted. “But you make a compelling case for it.”

Carlson asked if Democratic leaders share those concerns. Hume said they have to, adding that Biden has “undone himself repeatedly” in previous campaigns for the presidency.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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