Out of the Loop? Kellyanne Conway Apparently Had No Idea White House Planned to Ban Acosta Again

On America’s Newsroom Monday, anchor Bill Hemmer interviewed Kellyanne Conway about the banning and reinstatement of Jim Acosta to the press corps, and CNN’s lawsuit over it.

News broke Sunday night that the White House plans to revoke the pass again once the 12-day temporary injunction expires. CNN has called an “emergency meeting” over the situation. but Conway said she was unaware when Hemmer brought it up.

After playing a clip from Chris Wallace‘s interview with President Donald Trump that aired on Sunday, Hemmer asked Conway about the development of rules of behavior or conduct in the briefing room. Conway said that the rules are being developed now, something that was confirmed on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday by the attorney who argued Acosta’s case to the court last week.

In her response, Conway said that in the upcoming days or weeks they would have new guidance, but that even while “that reporter” was gone, “the particular outlet in question” still had access to be “fairly anti-Trump” and be a 24 hour news network.

Hemmer replied, asking whether Acosta is now still permitted in the White House. “Is that reporter allowed back in the White House? Because I was given a note about an hour ago that the White House has made a quote preliminary decision to suspend the hard pass for Jim Acosta yet again,” he said. “Are you fighting this?”

“I am not aware of that,” said Conway. “I am not aware of anything happening in the last hour. I will have to talk to the press shop about that.”

Hemmer asked “Is he allowed access to the White House today?”

“I do not know, I do not know that answer,” said Conway. “I got someone from the press shop standing right here, I do not know that answer.”

At the end of the clip, Conway goes for an angry indictment of the reaction to the pass being pulled, but Fox’s Hemmer simply talked through it and didn’t bite.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of FOX News Channel.

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