Fox News Debate Erupts Over Economy: GOP Should ‘Pay Attention, Not Take a Victory Lap’

Things got contentious on Outnumbered today when the ladies held a Labor Day discussion on whether President Trump is right when he says his economic agenda has made things so much better for Americans around the country.

Dagen McDowell began by noting increased nationwide spending and the impact of the GOP’s tax cuts.

“There is nothing wrong with this economy,” she said, “and if you try to find something, we’re making it up.”

Democratic Fox News contributor Marie Harf eventually got into the debate, citing poll data which indicates that some sectors of the country aren’t seeing any economic growth. When Harf brought up the possibility of increased inflation against slow wage growth, McDowell shouted, “inflations not high! Wages are growing faster than inflation. Period!”

The conversation heated up from there as Harf and McDowell argued about whether economic stagnation was Barack Obama‘s fault, and whether Republicans are doing anything to address the recurring concerns for many Americans.

“There’s anxiety about the economy,” Harf said. “I’m saying that Republicans need to pay attention to not take a victory lap.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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