Parkland Student Details Exchange With CNN Producer He Claims Fed Him Scripted Questions


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson snagged an interview with Colton Haab, a survivor of the Parkland, Florida school shooting who claimed this week that CNN tried to feed him scripted questions to the network’s Wednesday night town hall on gun violence.

Haab, 17, alleged that he had submitted questions to CNN asking about increasing school security, but the network instead offered scripted ones they had written. He declined to attend the town hall. CNN pushed back on the claims, saying in a statement it does not give scripts for such events.

Carlson opened the interview by playing a clip of NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch lambasting the media at CPAC, and said she was “certainly right about the deep corruption of the news media.” (Loesch, who attended the CNN town hall, said at CPAC the next day that people in the media “love mass shootings.”)

Haab — who has been hailed as a hero for his actions during the shooting — first somberly reminding viewers why he was on Tucker’s show; because a gunman opened fire at his high school, killing 17 people, including two of his friends.

The student went on to explain the back and forth with he had with a CNN producer, who rejected a long speech he had written for the town hall. Haab said he subsequently sent a set of questions in, including one on arming teachers — which he claimed the producer “wrote that question out for me.”

Carlson reacted with shock, asking “they put their own words into your question?”

When Haab confirmed, Carlson pressed “but that seems dishonest?” Haab agreed, and said that was one of the reasons he decided not to attend the town hall — adding that he thought CNN had also written questions for the other students.

“It was very upsetting to me,” Haab said.

“It’s shocking to us too, trust me, in the actual journalism business,” Carlson concluded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

UPDATE: The father of Colton Haab has reportedly confessed that they altered the emails exchanged with the CNN producer.

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