Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv Swipes at Mag Over Cover Snub: ‘Didn’t Know Time Magazine Was Still a Thing’

Marjory Stonemason Douglas student Kyle Kashuv took a swipe at Time magazine today after they left him out of their latest cover story on survivors of the mass shooting at the Parkland, Florida high school.

Kashuv has established himself a Second Amendment supporter, and ever since the shooting at his high school, he and other conservatives have bashed the media for not giving him as much of a platform as they have for his anti-gun classmates. Time’s new cover photo features David Hogg and other anti-gun student activists declaring “enough,” though Kashuv and other pro-gun Parkland students were absent.

Maria Bartiromo asked Kashuv about this when he appeared on Fox Business Network today, and his response was, “I didn’t know Time magazine was still a thing.”

“They were trying to represent one point of view, the Democrat point of view, the anti-gun movement,” Kashuv said. “I honestly couldn’t tell you because if they are trying to get the full perspective they would ask me.”

Kashuv was also asked about a recent incident where he had to sit through a flight in which an attendant made a speech about the recent gun control marches. When asked about the pushback he has seen because of his views, Kashuv attributed it to him not following the “loop of talking points” and “marching and screaming about gun control.”

Watch above, vis Fox Business Network.

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