Cuomo Battles House Candidate Running AR-15 Contest: You’re Giving Away ‘The Same Damn Weapon’ Used in Parkland

“Help me understand, brother,” Chris Cuomo said — pleading with his New Day guest Tuesday. “Why, after this, would you want to give away the same weapon used to kill all those kids?”

The weapon in question is the AR-15, used in last Wednesday’s Parkland, FL school shooting — which resulted in the deaths of 17 people. The giveaway is a Facebook contest to help promote the candidacy of an aspiring House member from Kansas.

And the man running that giveaway is Tyler Tannahill — a Marine veteran running as a Republican in the Kansas second District.

Tannahill tried his best to help Cuomo understand.

“When we sat down with my staff and talked about it, we had two options,” Tannahill said. “We could take the typical Republican response, ‘Let’s hide in our holes, let’s say thoughts and prayers’ and move on. Or, we could get in front of this issue, and have a meaningful discussion and dialogue to say we do have a problem.”

Cuomo told Tannahill he doesn’t see what that line of thinking has to do with conducting his giveaway.

“God forbid you knew somebody who was in that school,” Cuomo said. “And then, right on the heels of it, when you’re trying to get your mind around this madness, there’s a guy giving away the same damn weapon that just took your loved one’s life. You think that would be seen as a constructive step forward in a conversation about how to stop it, or a slap in the face, and someday just shaming you with what you had to live through?

Watch above, via CNN.

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