Pat Robertson Says Trump Should Issue ‘Blanket Pardon’ for Indictments: ‘He’s Got to Shut This Down’


Televangelist Pat Robertson said Donald Trump’s best course of action after the indictments against his former campaign staffers is to pardon everyone and shut down Robert Mueller’s “tainted” special counsel.

Robertson used his appearance on The 700 Club Monday to react to the indictments against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, as well as George Papadopoulos’ guilty plea of making false statements to the FBI. Robertson said there was “not a chance” of Manafort’s inappropriate conduct getting linked to the White House, and he went on to recommend that Trump issue a “blanket pardon” to anyone indicted in connection with the investigations into Russia.

“[Trump] can grant a pardon to everybody involved in this thing if he wants to, and there’s no such thing as the president obstructing justice if he talks to one of his people in the Justice Department,” Robertson said. “This whole thing has got to be shut down.”

Robertson proceeded to say Mueller’s investigating was “tainted” because it pertains to the dossier from Fusion GPS, which received funding from the Clinton campaign and the DNC. He concluded that any indictment from the special council is compromised as a result, and the investigation must be halted and dismissed.

“[Trump] has every right to shut Mueller down and say, ‘You have gone as far as you need to and I have instructed my Justice Department to close you down,’ He can do it, and he can also grant a blanket pardon for everybody involved in everything and say, ‘I pardon them all, case closed, it’s all over’ I think that is what he needs to do. He’s got to shut this thing down, he’s just got to.”

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