Piers Morgan Gushes About DeSantis Over Trump on Fox & Friends: ‘Organized and Popular’ vs ‘Chaos and Drama’


Piers Morgan is the rare TV personality that has interviewed Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, so his recent gushing over the Florida governor on Fox News is no minor deal.

At issue is a new Monmouth poll taken in the early primary state of Iowa that shows DeSantis up eight points ahead of Trump and a New Hampshire poll that shows them dead even. Brian Kilmeade used that news peg before asking Morgan to give insight on a potential head-to-head Republican primary race.

“I mean, you could call it the Morgan bounce,” he replied, showing Piers Morgan’s uncanny penchant for making many stories about…Piers Morgan.

“Obviously, I know Donald Trump very well,” he continued. “And there couldn’t be two more different people in a way. Trump thrives on chaos and drama and unpredictability, and being spontaneous and outrageous. DeSantis is none of those things; He seemed to me very focused, very organized, very data led, doesn’t like drama, likes things to be planned out.”

“I think he’s going to be one hell of a battle,” Morgan added. “And you have a clear choice. The Republicans, do you want more drama and chaos and baggage, or do you want someone who is fresh, young, nearly half Trump’s age, who doesn’t have the baggage and believes in doing government a different way? Straightforward choice.”

Fox News has largely kept its powder dry in how they cover Trump’s increasingly bonkers rhetoric. However, there are a few outliers in Neil Cavuto and Kilmeade, who have openly criticized the former president. Morgan’s prattling on about DeSantis over Trump signals a network pivot to the Florida Governor over Trump, who has remained remarkably critical of Fox News and its owner, Rupert Murdoch, in recent weeks. 

Watch above via Fox News.

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