Pro-Trump Pastor Storms Out of CNN Interview After Being Called Out for Exaggerating His Bio


Pastor Mark Burns has been a very powerful voice for Donald Trump on the campaign trail, but he got rather pissed off when CNN’s Victor Blackwell confronted him about exaggerations in his biography.

A member of Kappa Alpha Psi told CNN that the noticed Burns claimed to have been part of the predominantly black fraternity, but he could find no record of him being part of it. Burns said he “started the process” of joining and claimed to Blackwell that the screengrab the KAP member took must have been “manipulated” in some way.

Blackwell also confronted Burns about his claims that he served in the Army Reserves and that he graduated from North Greenville University (he apparently attended for one semester).

This is what ensued:

BURNS: I asked you just a moment ago as we were opening up. First of all, I said that we were off the record…

BLACKWELL: I didn’t agree to that.

BURNS: Yeah, but I did.

BLACKWELL: We’re still rolling. I’m still asking you questions on the record.

BURNS: I’m off the record. I’m off the record.

BLACKWELL: Did you make that claim that you graduated from North Greenville University?

BURNS: Because I think this is not fair that you, this is not fair. This is not fair, at all. I thought we were doing a profile and all of a sudden you’re here to try to destroy my character.

But finally, after Blackwell confronted him on past claims that he studied at the Anderson Theological Seminary, Burns stormed off.

After the interview was taped, Burns posted this on Facebook:

As a young man starting my church in Greenville, South Carolina, I overstated several details of my biography because I was worried I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a new pastor. This was wrong, I wasn’t truthful then and I have to take full responsibility for my actions. Since that time I should have taken steps to correct any misrepresentations of my background. We all make mistakes, and I hope that the measure of my character and the quality of my works speak for what kind of person I am.

I do also want to set the record straight about why this attack is happening – because I am a black man supporting Donald Trump for President. For too long, African-American votes have been taken for granted by Democratic politicians, and enough is enough. It’s a shame that the political insiders and the media choose to attack me because I’m not going to stay silent about Hillary Clinton’s pandering to our community. Instead, I’m going to tell people that there is another option – an option that represents a positive vision that will unify our country. That’s why I have and will continue to tirelessly support Mr. Trump.

Watch above, via CNN.

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