Rand Paul Dismisses Trump-GOP Rift: ‘This is a People Magazine Saga’


In today’s final hour of Fox and Friends, Sen. Rand Paul stopped by the studio to discuss the most recent GOP rift with President Donald Trump’s favorite morning show hosts (sorry Joe and Mika.)

After casually recounting “rumors” of the DNC leaking former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails directly to Wikileaks, Rand sought to minimize the actions of his fellow Republican Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker.

After he was asked about Corker and Flake’s stunning double-team rebuke of the president from Tuesday, Rand reached into the magazine pile at his Ophthalmology office and came up with this dismissive rebuttal:

I’m not here to criticize any of them really for what they think is the best way but I think actually that it would be better if we concentrate on policy because I think people at home would like a tax cut. People at home would like to keep American jobs here and try to lower corporate taxes so those companies don’t go overseas. I think to the American people, that is more important than all the personalities. This is more of like a People Magazine saga.  And it really ought to be more about policy and what is the best way to lead the country.

While there has been a variety of reactions from the right, it would be surprising if Rand’s dismissive take didn’t catch on more with Trump and Trump’s supporters in the media.  Though, given the absurdity of recent political news, it might be more accurate to compare current events to a Mad Magazine saga.

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