Report: Julian Assange Arrest “Imminent”

The WikiLeaks Twitter page and news outlets including The New York Times seem convinced an arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange could come at any time.

According to both sources, at least one arrest warrant has now been issued in the U.K., and the Times says negotiations may be underway on a date and time for Mr. Assange to meet with Scotland Yard detectives:

The legal noose tightened around Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, after his lawyers said Monday that an Interpol notice and European arrest warrant would oblige the British police to arrest him for questioning on accusations of sexual offenses from Sweden.

The warrant is believed to involve allegations of sexual assault. According to the accounts that two women in Stockholm made to police and friends, the Times reports:

They each had consensual sexual encounters with Mr. Assange that became nonconsensual. One woman said that Mr. Assange had ignored her appeals to stop after a condom broke. The other woman said that she and Mr. Assange had begun a sexual encounter using a condom, but that Mr. Assange did not comply with her appeals to stop when it was no longer in use. Mr. Assange has denied any wrongdoing and has questioned the veracity of those accounts.

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