Roland Martin and Deroy Murdock Get in Heated Battle Over Reparations: ‘Shame On You!’


Roland Martin and Deroy Murdock represent pretty diametric opposites on the political spectrum, so it was a good idea for producers of Makin’ Money with Charles Payne to have them as guests for what became a spirited debate over reparations to African-Americans from slavery and Jim Crow segregations.

The issue of reparations has become a hot political issue of late as a number of 2020 candidates — most notably Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) — have recently said that they are open to the idea of the government paying reparations to black Americans as restitution for slavery.

Martin, a full-throated progressive voice who hosted his own show on TV One, opened with a thoughtful expression that this should at least be looked into, an idea which drew nearly immediate and civil derision from the conservative Murdock. But the civility quickly turned ugly, as Martin quickly interrupted Murdock’s explanations with several injections of “you’re wrong!”

Murdock argued that it’s “been 51 years since the 68 fair housing act. Half a century,” before suggesting his political foe “want(s) incredible acrimony and racial strife and tension like we’ve never seen before? Make white folks nothing to do with slavery nothing to do with black folks.”

Host Charles Payne interjected, asking if Martin thinks “every black person should get paid.”

Martin cited a bill John Conyers had submitted for “a number of years” in which Congress first “study the issue first” before we get to actual reparations.”You can’t deal with D unless you deal with A.”

Watch above, via FBN.

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