Ronan Farrow Calls Out Fox News ‘Concealing Patterns of Harassment’ During Fox News Hit: ‘Not Just an NBC Problem’


Journalist Ronan Farrow used an appearance on Fox News to call out Fox News for “concealing patterns of harassment” at the top of the company, while anchor Shannon Bream immediately pushed back with “massive change” of leadership at Fox News.

Farrow was speaking withBream on Fox News at Night Thursday, where Bream was interested in asking him about his reporting on NBC and Harvey Weinstein and where his reporting would go next.

“There is a documented paper trail showing not just the way in which these specific cases alleged predators were kept in positions of power and more people got allegedly hurt as a result, but also a broader set of corporate practices,” Farrow said. “Fox News is one of the egregious examples that was first blown wide open of secret settlements concealing patterns of harassment and harassers staying in their jobs.”

Bream immediately pushed back, saying “important to note we got a massive change obviously in leadership but internal policy and reporting and HR and everything.”

Ronan agreed, noting “to Fox’s credit, there were leadership changes” but then seemed to refer to sources who have told him there are still “problems” at Fox.

“It is important to note the change was real at Fox but there are multiple women who have gotten in touch with me to say ‘look, even after leadership changes there are still problems.’ That’s true at CBS that I reported on, that’s true at Fox. There is more work to be done, it is not just an NBC problem.”

“My own personal experience here is that, along with a massive makeover in leadership change, policies internally have changed. I’m a former sexual harassment attorney so it’s all great news to me, and there’s always work to be done in corporations across America. It is good when we ask tough questions internally and externally,” Bream said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

UPDATE: Fox News has issued a statement:

“Since the 2016 departure of Roger Ailes, FOX News has worked tirelessly to completely change the company culture. Over the past three years, we have created an entirely new reporting structure, more than tripled the size of our HR footprint, instituted mandatory in-person sexual harassment training, started quarterly company meetings and mentoring events as well as implemented a zero tolerance policy regarding workplace misconduct for which we engage outside independent firms to handle investigations. No other company has implemented such a comprehensive and continuous overhaul. We are incredibly proud of our team and will continue to emphasize transparency across all FOX News Media.”

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