Roy Moore Suing for $95 Million After Being Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen into Fake Pedophile Detector Scan


Former Alabama judge Roy Moore is not at all happy that he was duped by Sacha Baron Cohen.

In fact, he is suing Showtime, Cohen and other defendants for defamation to the tune of $95 million.

The Hollywood Reporter reported on Moore’s lawsuit which stems from the fact he thought he was sitting down for an interview with Yerushalayim TV, which despite being named for the city of Jerusalem, is actually registered in Wyoming and actually is fake news.

THR reports:

Moore has brought a $95 million defamation suit after being duped into an appearance where Cohen pointed a device at him that purportedly detects sex offenders.

Showtime, Cohen and other defendants are holding up the consent agreement that Moore signed to appear on the program as stipulating that any legal disputes would be handled in New York. Moore’s complaint was filed in the District of Columbia, so Showtime argues for dismissal based on a lack of jurisdiction. And if Showtime wins the argument, it may win the overall case too since the consent agreement obviously entails consent (and waives claims).

In opposition, Moore argues that the consent agreement is void due to fraud.

Moore, of course, is the Alabama Senate candidate who was infamously subject to multiple sexual misconduct claims, including from women who were minors when the assault occurred.

He also apparently thought that he was actually being flown to Washington DC to get an award for his support of Israel which is how he managed to be subject to the prank.

Instead, according to his lawyer, Larry Klayman, Moore ultimately realized something was amiss and actually he had been brought to the sit down “so that he could be falsely portrayed as a pedophile on national television.”

The fake pedophile detector prank ultimately aired on Cohen’s Showtime series Who Is America? with Cohen playing the role of an Israeli anti-terrorism expert and waving the fake wand at Moore who eventually cut the conversation off.

Watch above, via Showtime

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