Emotional Scarborough Pounds Gingrich Over FBI-Nazi Comparison: ‘You’re Attacking’ America

Joe Scarborough went on a fiery tear today against Newt Gingrich and other pro-Trump over their latest disparaging comments about Robert Mueller.

The former House Speaker has been taking flak ever since he compared the FBI to Nazis after federal agents raided the offices of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. Scarborough didn’t like that.

“I want Newt to look at that tape again and I want him to ask himself, and I want Fox News to ask themselves, and I want Republicans on Capitol Hill to ask themselves, and I want conservatives across America to ask themselves: are you comfortable with a spokesperson, a lackey for the President of the United States comparing the men and women of the FBI who protect us every day, comparing them to Nazis who slaughtered upwards of 12 million people?”

Scarborough continued to demand answers from conservatives around America about whether they’re seriously okay drawing parallels between the FBI/America’s legal guidelines and the atrocities of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

“When you start comparing Robert Mueller to Stalin or Hitler, you are not attacking Robert Mueller, you are attacking the United States of America, you are attacking the United States Constitution, you are attacking the genius of our founding fathers to make sure that for over 240 years those sort of abuses haven’t happened here, and they’re still not happening here. You owe Robert Mueller an apology, you owe the men and women of the FBI an apology and you owe the American people an apology.

Watch above, via ABC.

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