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Scarborough Rips Trump’s Sarcastic Celebration of Romney’s Coronavirus Test: ‘This Could Have Been a Death Sentence for Him’

Joe Scarborough tore into President Donald Trump for his bitterly-sarcastic response to the news that Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) doesn’t have the coronavirus.

Trump disdain for Romney is hardly a secret, and when the senator put himself into self-quarantine several days ago amid pandemic concerns, Trump responded “gee, that’s too bad” in a way that invited doubts of his sincerity. On Wednesday, Trump unleashed on Romney while praising the “really great news” that he tested negative for the disease.

Morning Joe took notice of Trump’s obvious sarcasm, and Mika Brzezinski got the ball rolling by saying “My god…Don’t you just ask yourself the question right now about his stability?”

“Well, of course, Mika. We do every day,” Scarborough said. “Mitt Romney is of the age that this could have been a death sentence for him.”

From there, Scarborough lamented how Trump “cannot even in these times refrain from attacking” his enemies, even while the country continues to grapple with a public health crisis. This led to him remark with disdain that Trump is “held to such a lower standard” that he can survive where other people would be pronounced “unfit” if they made the outrageous statements he has made.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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