Sean Hannity Fires Back at Sharpton, ‘Buffoon’ Schultz

Sean Hannity took on Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton Monday night for going after him, turning the tables on them and their past outrageous, over-the-top remarks.

Schultz scolded Hannity for his coverage of the Cliven Bundy situation, suggesting Hannity is attempting to cheerlead for anti-government rebellion. Hannity said he’s “not ashamed of our coverage” and “not one thing that Ed Schultz said was true.” He played a montage of Schultz’s craziest and angriest moments and said, “I might be ashamed of having this man work for me.”

Hannity also took on Sharpton for a supposed financial conflict of interest with tea party groups. Rather than take on Sharpton’s actual argument, Hannity decided to show a montage of Sharpton’s angrier moments and wondering how Tom Brokaw and Matt Lauer feel about him being part of the NBC family.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[photo via screengrab]

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