Sean Spicer on Steve Wynn Scandal: Republicans Should Return Money He Donated

Sean Spicer appeared on MSNBC this afternoon and spoke candidly about what he thinks Republicans should do with the millions of dollars disgraced finance chairman Steve Wynn has donated to the RNC and to various Republican leaders, and to a lesser extent, some Democrats.

Billionaire Las Vegas business mogul Wynn has been facing a number of sexual harassment and abuse allegations, which forced him to resign his post as finance chairman, with more fallout sure to come.

The former press secretary spoke to Craig Melvin and the RNC, along with various candidates, should return the money donated by Wynn, given those serious allegations.

“I don’t know how much they’ve taken over what period of time. I think it’s silly to go back to, you know, decades ago when cycles occurred, but any money that happened this cycle, absolutely,” he said.

“The right thing to do for the Republican Party is to have the higher moral ground and return the money.”

Melvin also asked Spicer why Republicans have remained relatively silent on the Wynn allegations, with Spicer responding that “due process” must be followed, though he did add that “if a credible allegation comes, we need to take it serious.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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