Sharpton Slams GOP by Literally Holding Funeral for Their Talking Points

Al Sharpton‘s show went all-out with the set design today, because to mock Republican talking points, Sharpton set up a literal funeral to mourn the loss of lines like “death panels” and “job killer.” The set looked like Sharpton was presiding over an actual funeral, complete with somber music.

Sharpton opened, “Dearly beloved, werre gathered here today to mourn a sad loss: the loss of another bogus GOP talking point on the Affordable Care Act.” He focused first on the “people aren’t paying their premiums talking point,” citing a new report saying the majority of people who signed up for Obamacare have already paid, followed by three other talking points, including the health care “death spiral,” that tragically lost their lives or something.

And in case the message wasn’t clear enough, Sharpton’s soliloquy was aided by animated pictures of tombstones with all four of these phrases on them. He concluded, “The talking point is survived by right-wing radio hosts, Fox News anchors, and millions of conservative uncles at dinner tables across the country. May it rest in peace.”

Watch the segment below, via MSNBC:

[image via screengrab]

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