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Stephanie Grisham: ‘I Don’t Know How Well-Informed’ Coronavirus Task Force Was of Trump’s Easter Deadline

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said she “didn’t know how well-informed” the Coronavirus Task Force was of President Donald Trump‘s Easter deadline to re-open the country Wednesday morning on Fox and Friends.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade began by asking, “Stephanie, how real is this Easter date and how well-informed was the rest of the task force that the president was going to say that yesterday, that his goal was to open up by Easter?”

Grisham then responded, “You know, I don’t know how well-informed they were,” before continuing.

“I think that the president, as he has been doing, is very hopeful and wants to have a message of hope to the American people. I think he would love it if we were opened up for business yesterday, but after the 15 days when we see the data come in, we’ll see where we’re at and I think the president will make his decision now, but he is hopeful and I will tell you something, as somebody who was just in quarantine for two weeks, it’s tough.”

The Press Secretary then stated that she believes after the 15-day period, a lot of people will be pushing to get back to work.

“It’s tough, and I imagine a lot of people want to try to get out there, and get back to work, as long as they are social distancing, so we’ll see what happens once the 15 days goes past and we’ve got new data sets,” Grisham continued.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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