Stephanie Ruhle Breaks Out Laughing During Segment On Potential North Korea Attack


Ali Velshi offered an explainer on MSNBC Thursday morning on North Korea’s plan — which the hermit kingdom says they are currently assessing — to launch missiles into the sea off the coast of Guam.

Following President Donald Trump’s stern warning to Pyongyang that further threats would be met with “fire and fury,” the North Korean military issued a statement indicating the country is “carefully examining” a plan to strike Guam, a US territory in the Pacific.

“The plan calls for launching four intermediate-range missiles over Japan to a distance of 2,200 miles to Guam,” Velshi explained with the help of an interactive map. “They have said they are not going to land it on Guam, but somewhere about 25 miles — that would take 14 minutes, by the way.”

Velshi continued by noting the population of Guam, with 160,000 U.S. citizens, as well as South Korea, a country of 51 million people.

As Velshi swiped between two maps on his large screen displaying North Korea’s plan to bomb Guam, he apologized for his massive fingers getting in the way: “sorry I got fat fingers,” he quipped.

Stephanie Ruhle, his MSNBC co-host, could be heard off-camera breaking out in laughter, Velshi said “I do, I do,” before saying of Ruhle, “she’ll get it together in a minute.”

Velshi next outlined America’s THAAD missile defense system, which would be used to defend Guam and South Korea against a potential strike.

After the explainer, Velshi returned to the desk to join Ruhle, concluding that it’s “important for everybody to know what everybody’s capabilities are.”

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