Stormy and Michael Cohen’s Lawyers Battle in Insane Marathon Showdown: ‘Your Friend is a Thug!’


Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, squared off tonight on CNN with David Schwartz, the attorney for Trump lawyer Michael Cohen who is now being sued by the porn star for defamation. The result was a wild sparring match that went on for over half an hour, though this was one of the more exciting parts.

The two were on with Anderson Cooper, who asked Schwartz about the threatening element of Cohen’s remarks about Daniels with regard to the lawsuit. This comes after Daniels told Cooper on 60 Minutes that she was threatened to keep her affair with Trump quiet.

Schwartz insisted Cohen never made any threats toward Daniels, and he tussled with Jeffrey Toobin on whether Daniels’ NDA agreement was legally binding if Trump never signed his name on it. As the panel disputed the exact legal ramifications, Avenatti went after Schwartz by saying his statements were “patently false,” and “that’s why you and Michael Cohen are friends, I guess, because you both are really good at fabricating.”

Avenatti started bringing up Cohen’s history of intimidating statements, and he eventually brought up the time Cohen said there’s no such thing as spousal rape.

“The guy doesn’t even know the law. He’s a thug,” Avenatti shouted. “Your friend is a thug!”

Avenatti kept yelling “thug” at Schwartz, who questioned the credibility of the lie detector test Daniels successfully took. Toobin and Cooper tried to intervene at multiple points to discuss more about hush payments and alleged “extortion,” though their efforts were mostly in vain since the two lawyers kept fighting.

Watch above, via CNN.

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