Ted Cruz Bashes Chris Wallace After Anchor Likens Him to Japanese Holdout Soldiers After WWII


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) attacked Chris Wallace after the Fox News anchor compared him to Japanese holdout soldiers from World War II, in light of Cruz’s defense of President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of widespread election fraud.

“It would seem to me that Republicans on Capitol Hill have a role to play in this, very few of them have said ‘look, you pursue your legal options but damp down the rhetoric,’ like Mitt Romney, like Pat Toomey,” Wallace stated.

“There are a lot who are just silent and there are some, I mentioned Ted Cruz, who are like the Japanese soldiers who come out 30 years after the end of the war and out of the jungle and say, ‘Is the fight still going on?'” he said.

Wallace’s colleague at Fox News, the opinion host Mark Levin, bashed the anchor for his comment.

Cruz responded to Levin’s tweet on Sunday evening, attacking Wallace with his own. “Chris Wallace, who beclowned himself with a shamefully biased debate performance—universally panned—continues to demonstrate his rank partisanship,” the Texas Senator wrote.

“Urging that we follow the law & that election recounts be actually completed is not somehow undermining democracy,” Cruz added.

Fox News anchor Julie Banderas replied to Cruz on Sunday evening, defending Wallace.

This wasn’t the first time the Republican senator has attacked Wallace for his moderation of the chaotic first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Last month, Cruz said that Wallace did a “terrible” job moderating, prompting Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt to defend the Fox anchor.

Cruz memorably clashed with Wallace when he moderated a 2016 Republican primary debate.

Watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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