The Best and Worst of Fox News as Voted by Cable News Hosts


Last week, we sent a survey to several dozen cable news hosts from Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, hoping to gain insight into how insiders view their own colleagues and competitors.

While guaranteeing complete anonymity, we asked them to name one colleague for each of the following 10 categories: Best and Worst Hosts, Fox; Best and Worst Hosts, CNN; Best and Worst Hosts, MSNBC; Best and Worst Guests, Overall; and Best and Worst TV Reporters, Overall.

So when it came to Fox News hosts, how did our surveyed cable newsers vote? Interestingly, they weren’t far off from our own selections for the best and worst of 2014.

Take a look below:

Best Host, Fox News

This one was neck-and-neck between two of the network’s most respected hosts: Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier. (We selected Kelly as a runner-up for “Best Cable News Host” in our 2014 awards.)

Baier is the host of the nightly political news roundtable, Special Report, and Kelly is the rising star host of The Kelly File, Fox’s newest primetime show.

The pair received equal votes, split among a majority of surveyed newsers from across the three networks. Shepard Smith came next with four votes of his own. Behind him, two votes for Eric Bolling, and one lone vote for a guy named “Ha nitty.”

Worst Host, Fox News

This should come as no surprise: Sean Hannity won this category with a majority of anonymous votes. And, yep, we named him as a runner-up for our own “Worst Cable News Host” award.

Apparently we’re not the only ones annoyed by his eponymous show’s special blend of vein-popping shoutfests, mega-panel clown shows, and partisan grudge matches.

Falling way behind Hannity was Bolling — who received two votes here — and a bunch of hosts with single votes to their name, bizarrely including Neil Cavuto and Bill O’Reilly.

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