The Five Takes On The Scourge That Is Reality Television


Finally. The war on reality television has begun.

While I’ve been trumpeting the need to exterminate this blot upon our culture for years, it wasn’t until today that things really started moving in earnest. First, we got word that President Obama was an enemy of the demonic Kardsashian clan, and now the hosts of The Five spent an entire segment discussing how the Jersey Shore‘s and Real Housewives of Hades‘ of the world are destroying our nation’s children.

Yes! Let the great cleansing begin!

Of course, I don’t necessarily agree with the reasoning behind all of the hosts’ arguments. Greg Gutfeld’s assertion that getting rid of reality TV will end teenage bullying better than school anti-bullying programs is just silly. How can he explain the fact that some of the worst bullying in our schools falls upon LGBT children and some of the most popular reality shows are on Bravo, the most gay friendly place this side of an Elton John birthday party? Trying to connect the two is just silly. Still, if Gutfeld wants to fight in the war against all the Kate Gosselin’s and Snooki’s, I’d gladly fight alongside him no matter how misguided his thinking.

Unfortunately though, this being The Five, there had to be one odd person out. Doing her best to destroy any credibility she may have had, Andrea Tantaros attempted to…*shudder*…defend reality shows, claiming that, after a hard day’s work, she just wanted to turn her mind off.

Hey, Andrea! You know who else turned their mind off? The Germans in the 1930s!

Hopefully, Tantaros will see the error of her ways as we, the righteous, begin our crusade of truth.

Side note: In case any reader is confused by the fact that I seemed to be defending the Kardashians in that other post and decrying them and their ilk here, the answer is simple. I was just joking.

In the other post, that is. Not here. I’m being deadly serious here.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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