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The View Clashes on Trump Calling Himself a ‘Wartime’ President Amid Pandemic: ‘I Refuse’ to Give Him That Recognition

The View had a rousing conversation on Thursday about whether President Donald Trump deserves the recognition that goes with him calling himself a “wartime president” in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The show opened its A block by talking about how Trump described himself as a “wartime president” during Wednesday’s White House press briefing. Sara Haines, who returned to the show as a guest co-host, felt that the coronavirus needs to be addressed “with the severity and the concern it deserves,” so she didn’t dispute Trump for giving himself that designation.

“I don’t care what he calls it. It just needs to be taken seriously,” she said.

Meghan McCain agreed with Haines’ argument, but Sunny Hostin said she was “very uncomfortable” with Trump giving himself that title when last week he refused to accept any responsibility for any failings in the government’s response to the pandemic. Hostin also accused Trump of trying to “reframe his legacy” after his Vietnam War draft-dodging, and pointed to his dismissal of the virus before he claimed to always take it seriously.

“Wartime presidents take responsibility for their failures and he has been unwilling to do that,” Hostin said. “If you look at any video of his responses from January up until even now, I think there’s been a lack of leadership.”

Haines countered that Trump’s legacy is not yet sealed, and this led to a back and forth with Hostin about whether this means the government will now act as strong and quickly as it needs to.

“If it means he is saying stronger things and people are more scared, more cautious about what they’re doing out and about, then I can get on board,” Haines said. “People need to take this very seriously.”

“I think he’s the liar in chief, and I refuse to give him the moniker of a wartime president,” Hostin retorted. “He doesn’t deserve that.”

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