The View Debates Liam Neeson’s Shocking Confession: He Was Considering ‘A Modern Day Lynching’


During Tuesday’s episode of The View, the co-hosts gave their thoughts about actor Liam Neeson admitting to wanting to kill a black man after a female friend had been raped. He said it was a learning experience to get over prejudices and bigotry.

Abby Huntsman said it was good for Neeson to openly talk about his experience so it can get a conversation started over not hating people based on skin color.

“He said, ‘I admit. I struggled. I had these dark thoughts that you never want to admit publicly.’ But he was there admitting it. He said, ‘I was wrong to feel that way. I found that helpful and maybe can move the conversation to a better place,'” Huntsman said.

“And I understand very well, I think, how you would feel in a loved one was harmed. And how you would want to harm the person that did that. To them. The person that did that,”  Sunny Hostin said. “What I can’t understand is how you would go out and seek a random person of the same race to harm. Because that, for me, feels like a modern day lynching. That’s what happened to black men in this country by white men somehow trying to be righteous about a white woman’s virtue.”

Whoopi Goldberg came to Neeson’s defense saying she knows a bigot when she sees one and he is no such thing.

“Is he a bigot? No, I’ve known him a pretty long time. I think I would have recognized that. I’ve been around a lot of real bigots. I can say this man is not one,” she said.

Watch above, via ABC.

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