The View Presses Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer: ‘Did We Miss’ the ‘Smoking Gun’ in 60 Minutes Interview?


Michael Avenatti, lawyer for Stormy Daniels, appeared on The View Monday morning — yet another stop for the attorney on his victory tour the day after his client was featured on 60 Minutes. But Avenatti encountered some skepticism about Sunday night’s broadcast, and not just from The View‘s resident Republican Meghan McCain.

“I think people thought there was going to be a smoking gun here,” Whoopi Goldberg said, leading off the interview with Avenatti. “Did we miss something?”

The lawyer said that Daniels’ claim that she was physically threatened in a parking lot — an allegation Aventti has spoken about vaguely before, but that Daniels spoke about for the first time on Sunday — should not be overlooked.

“That is a big, big accusation, and she stands behind it,” Avenatti said. “I think it’s a big deal. And I think that people that are saying we didn’t really learn much during the episode or during the interview, they’re really not focused on what happened.”

When it was her turn to question Avenatti, McCain zeroed in on the alleged threat.

“Does that mean you have evidence that he’s attached to this threat, though?” McCain said. She added, “[Daniels] didn’t file a police report. It’s nebulous… But do you have evidence that shows that [President Donald Trump‘s lawyer Michael Cohen] either sent someone or he himself threatened your client?”

“We don’t have direct evidence yet,” Avenatti said. “But I can assure you at the end of this case we will.”

Joy Behar pressed.

“Are there phone records or cameras or anything like that that would help you?” She asked.

“Well, certainly,” Avenatti said. “But we’re in the beginning stages of getting to the bottom of this. And again, this could have only come from one place and one place only. It doesn’t make sense otherwise.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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