Tom Arnold on CNN: I Would Bet the Pee Tape is Real

Tom Arnold appeared on CNN Friday night for an ambling roller coaster ride of an interview with Poppy Harlow, and suggested at one point that the infamous rumored “pee tape” is real.

Arnold was invited on CNN after meeting with Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen, as part of his search for incriminating videos of President Donald Trump for a Vice TV show he’s working on.

Harlow pressed a very coy Arnold on what videos he had of the president and Arnold gave this maddening — but intriguing — response:

“We have a lot of things,” he said. “I would tell you that every tape — the pee tape — I would bet that every tape is real.”

“I’m sorry…” a flustered Harlow reacted. “Uh.. What’s… are you talking about the word he used on Access Hollywood? The Access Hollywood tape, is that what you’re talking about?”

“Well that’s real, the ‘grab em by the pussy’ tape is real,” Arnold replied.

“Let’s not use that word on this program,” Harlow replied.

“I apologize for quoting the president,” Arnold said.

Harlow pressed on what videos the actor had, and he said to wait for his show — while noting he “can’t even say the words” that Trump uses in the video.

Watch and judge for yourself if Arnold is full of it (likely), via CNN.

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