Trevor Noah Shreds Jim Jordan Over Alleged Sexual Abuse Enabling: ‘It Doesn’t Get More Scumbag Than That’


On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah weighed in on the recent allegations made against Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Last month, Jordan was accused by several former Ohio State wrestlers of turning a blind eye on the sexual abuse committed by the team’s doctor while he served as assistant coach decades ago, something he has vehemently denied.

Noah began by mocking Jordan for wanting to impeach Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, insisting it was all because he “owned” the congressman during a hearing in late June when rebuking Jordan’s accusation that he threatened to “subpoena phone calls.”

“Do you know how humiliating it is to be smacked down on C-SPAN?” Noah asked.

The Daily Show host then pivoted to the allegations aimed at the Ohio Republican.

“Turning a blind eye to rampant sexual abuse of the kids you’re supposed to be protecting. I’m sorry, it doesn’t get more scumbag than that,” Noah reacted. “And if these allegations are true, then Jim Jordan is basically Joe Paterno: Part Two.”

While Noah stressed that these were just allegations, he slammed Jordan’s not-so-convincing defense, citing “locker room conversations” he had with his wrestlers are different than actually reporting abuse.

“Hold up, so they basically told Jordan about the abuse and he didn’t think it counted because they are in a locker room? Like what is it with these guys and locker rooms?” Noah continued. “It just feels like nothing you say matters in there.”

Noah then compared Jordan’s current run for House Speaker to former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who admitted that he molested boys when he himself was a wrestling coach, saying that “at the very worst” that Jordan is an “upgrade” from him.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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